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In-House Training

For Corporate:

Let us help you reduce travel expenses and receive special Corporate Training Programs. If your organization has a group of employees interested in a course topic, we can bring the training course to you. MECCI training courses can be taught at your company location or MECCI training centre. We will work with your training or HR department to deliver courses that meet your topical and scheduling needs.

For Colleges:

The In house campus training refines skills set to meet the industrial demands by connecting the academic knowledge with the skills required to work in the industry. The In house campus training program helps to bridge the skill gap between the needs of the industry and the academia production. The program must understands the employer needs, variable sector specific skills and training requirements that improve business performance, articulate business expectations in education institutions and engagement of industry leaders with technical education institutions. Globalization and industry has further increased the demand of such programs. Today, the world is getting smaller; the countries are dependent on one another for exchange of goods and services. Imports of commercial services have become important in recent times. The growth of an individual is therefore essential for the growth and the prosperity of a nation. The in house training program can not only help an individual to bend easily to the people at his work place but also to the people of the outside world. A positive change has to be brought about by the colleges and universities so that the students can face the challenges of life. The in house campus training program can help him in developing his personality and in boosting his confidence so that he can lead a contended and satisfactory life.

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